Mormonism does not tolerate gays and lesbians.

Short answer, False. But President Gordon B. Hinckley said it best:

“People inquire about our position on those who consider themselves so-called gays and lesbians. My response is that we love them as sons and daughters of God. They may have certain inclinations which are powerful and which may be difficult to control. Most people have inclinations of one kind or another at various times. If they do not act upon these inclinations, then they can go forward as do all other members of the Church. If they violate the law of chastity and the moral standards of the Church, then they are subject to the discipline of the Church, just as others are.” -from “What Are People Asking about Us?

We do not allow any sort of immoral behavior. This is really what the issue comes down to; we believe that a homosexual relationship is immoral, and the rest of the world does not.  And since we believe that it is immoral, it is not allowed. But we still love the people even if their actions are not in keeping with the commandments.

I feel like I have been VERY well tolerated. More than that, I feel accepted and loved.  I have callings, I speak openly with my bishop, I take the Sacrament, I enjoy full fellowship in the church, and I am quite happy. I have feelings of same gender attraction and that is just fine, because I am choosing to live the commandments that have been given to me by modern Prophets. I do not act on these feelings of attraction towards men.

While we as Mormons may not support the relationship, we still support the people.  I know that in some wards people come to church with their partners.  While some members within our church may find this strange, I want to point out that these people are not allowed to take the Sacrament, they do not have callings, and they cannot enter the Temple.

But do they enjoy coming to church and worshiping? Of course.  As thy should.  I’m sure the bishop will talk to these people about their situation. He will take care of it. It is his calling and his place, not ours. I think rather than judge we can support them and be glad that they have the desire to come worship the Lord.