I have several friends who know that I struggle with feelings of same gender attraction who are not necessarily religious people.  They believe (and often tell me) that my decision to abstain from acting on my feelings is foolish. They say that I am gay and need to be gay.  If I deny who I am, I will only be unhappy.

Mostly they say that I will be alone and that I need to find love.  They say that even if it IS sinful to have a relationship with another man, God doesn’t want anyone to be alone and he will forgive me. Well, I believe differently.

We all have things that we are tempted to do.  I am attracted to men not only physically, but emotionally and mentally.  Their personalities are attractive to me.  A relationship sounds enticing to me. But just because it sounds nice now does not make it a good idea. (In my About page I explain why I believe I should not have a relationship with a man. If you have not read it, please do.)

Well, the video below states another reason why I will not have a relationship with a man in this life. I believe that God does not want me to.  And I do NOT believe that God will simply forgive me if I choose to do so.  He expects us to obey his commandments, even when they are hard. As we are patient and delay gratification, we will be blessed.  If I choose to give in, I might find some temporary happiness, but lasting joy will be denied me.

I have learned to love this idea of delaying gratification.  The blessings will come.  We must just first show patience and trust in The Lord.  Trust in the atonement to change us, and it will.