I am sure that if you are the least bit internet savvy, you have heard about Chick-fil-a and what was said and why people are mad. If not, look it up. It’s all over the place.  Here is a short rundown of what happened:

The President of Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy, spoke out against gay marriage and defended the traditional (one man and one woman) form of marriage. The mayors of both Chicago and Boston said that the stance of the company was hateful and that they would not allow a company such as Chick-fil-a into their cities to do business.

And this thing has only grown. We have had news story after news story. Some people are protesting and are going to boycott the restaurant. Others are having a “gay-kiss-in” in protest. All sorts of people are angry and say that the company is wrong and should change.

WHAT THE HECK?!? Apologies for the shouting, but I fail to see how anything illegal or even outright hateful was done. This company has always been a company that has been clear about its Christian views.  And now people say that this company is wrong for their stance on gay marriage.  Well sure maybe some people don’t agree, but does that make it ok for mayors to swear they will do what they can to keep businesses out of their cities?

Did Chick-fil-a say that they would not hire gay employees? No.

Did Chick-fil-a say that they would or do fire gay employees or pay them less? No.

Did Chick-fil-a say that they would not serve gay people or couples? No.

Has Chick-fil-a  ever served lower quality food because of someone’s sexual orientation? No.

And if they do, I wonder what their GOOD chicken tastes like, because the “sub-par” chicken that they have been serving this homosexual has tasted pretty good to me!

What is the point of my little soap-box here?  Tolerance.  Not acceptance, but tolerance.  They are different. Look it up. The owners of Chick-fil-a have clearly had these kinds of views for some time, and no one had any beef  with the company before.  But now that they are speaking out they are suddenly serving bigoted-chicken, which is the worst kind. So what? The company doesn’t agree with gay marriage.  Maybe you do.  You don’t have to accept their idea and adopt it. But you DO have to tolerate it.  Because they have the right to share their opinions.

Now, I don’t mean this to be a political conversation. I sort of hate those. I just want to point out that for years the Gay Community has begged and screamed for tolerance (and acceptance, I might add) and has even managed to have a large impact on laws and policy in many states/cities/businesses/etc. But just as they ask for tolerance, shouldn’t they also GIVE it? It is a two way road folks. We have to be willing to be civil and understand that different people think different things and that it is ok.

Gays want to speak out and be heard without reprimand.  Why shouldn’t Christians be able to do the same?  I think that we should all be able to speak our minds and not fear negative repercussions.  No one should be forced to live in a way they fundamentally believe is wrong.  Gays want gay marriage. Many religious people want straight marriage. Yeah they are kind of opposite. So BOTH sides are going to have to be patient and work out a solution.  But fighting about it is not going to help anyone.

I do apologize for my earlier sarcastic tone.  I just find it silly to try and hurt anyone because you disagree with their views. We all have to learn to get along.

And plus…chicken is good.  I’ll eat it, gay hate or not.