For the past few weeks I have been frustrated with my new branch because I haven’t felt very welcome. No one has really reached out to me and I feel rather alone and unwelcome in my church community. I was GOING to blog about that and call them all to repentance, but something interesting happened on Saturday that changed my mind (and mostly, my heart).

Friday night I was at home preparing the lesson for Priesthood (I got a call a few hours before asking if I would teach) and TRYING to concentrate on feeling the spirit and preparing a good lesson. Instead it was mostly a pity fest about how my lesson wouldn’t be listened to and that no one at church liked me anyway so what was the point? Well I got a text message from the missionaries asking me to come with them to teach a lesson in the morning.

To be honest, I was in a foul mood and didn’t want to. But I decided to do it anyway. And I am so glad I did. I was able to teach and feel the spirit in a strong way that I had not felt recently. I am thankful for the chance to teach and serve someone else.

As I look back on it, I see that I was falling into a trap similar to the one I was upset at my branch members for falling into. I didn’t think they were reaching out and doing enough for me. But what was I doing? I was so wrapped up in school that I wasn’t doing anything to help anyone else but myself! Teaching that lesson helped remind me that I need to reach out to others and help lift them up if I am going to be lifted up as well.

So Sunday night I contacted a member of the branch who I know is struggling with activity. I simply told him that we missed him at church that day and that if he wanted a ride to institute Tuesday night that I would be more than happy to pick him up. And he came! Knowing that he was able to come to institute and be uplifted helped uplift me.

This video was initially one that I thought would really “teach a good lesson” to my slothful and unwelcoming branch members. But now I realize that my pride and anger were keeping me from the message that was meant for me. Get outside of yourself. Help lift others and find your own burdens lightened.