I am a 20-something male.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints (Mormon).  I struggle with same gender attraction.  I choose not to act on those feelings.  Do I love God?  Yes.  Does he still love me?  Of course!

My purpose for writing this blog is to help other people who struggle as I do.  Sometimes it is easy to feel alone and unloved.  How sad that so many feel alone!  Know that many people struggle with feelings of same gender attraction.  And that God still loves them very much.

Now, my personal beliefs may be different than yours.  That’s ok.  I simply want to make the things that I believe public.  So,  what exactly do I believe?

1. God loves us all.  Because of that love he wants us to be happy.

2. I have two parts to me: my spirit and my body.  Before this life, I lived with God and grew to know him in the form of a spirit. He sent me to earth to receive a body and to be tested.

3. In order to be truly happy, God has given us laws and commandments to follow while on the earth.  These laws and commandments not only bring peace and joy in this life, but will enable us to remain clean and pure in this life so we can return to live again in the presence of God himself.

4. This Plan of Happiness includes families. Together families can learn from one another and return to live with God if they are righteous. A family would consist of a man, a woman , and any children that they may have.  Gender is a sacred and important part of this plan. Genders are different and have their own set of traits that come with them.

Well what does that say about my feelings of same gender attraction? I do not believe that they are really “me”.  At least not as God intends.  I believe that my spirit is perfect, but the body that I was given to live in while on this earth is imperfect.  And one of my imperfections is that my body tells me that I am attracted to men. My spirit is not. After this life, when I no longer have this imperfect body, I will not have these feelings of attraction to men.

Because God loves me, he has given me laws that can help keep me safe and clean while on this earth. One of those laws is that a man should not lie with a man.  Now how could such a law make me happy when I am attracted to men? Well, if i cultivate and allow feelings for a man while in this life, what will become of that relationship in the next life when I no longer have those feelings of physical attraction?  A homosexual relationship has no place in God’s kingdom.  So having one now would only make  me unhappy in the end.

So does that change anything now?  I mean, I am still attracted to men. Sometimes it is hard to look around and see others having happy, fulfilling relationships.  That is really difficult to deal with sometimes. It is discouraging. And depressing.  But I KNOW that while it might seem hard now, the blessings will be worth it.  That when I do leave this life behind the Lord will say to me “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Now many of you will not agree with me.  You might even find my words to be offensive.  I mean no offense at all.  On the contrary, I am trying to bring a message of love and peace to the world.  I am happy this way.  I truly do believe that this lifestyle is pleasing to God and that he will bless me for sacrificing my carnal desires to his will. I ask that you please comment!  Let me know your thoughts and feelings!  Ask questions!  But please be respectful and kind.  I do not want this to become a forum of arguments and angry words.

I will continue to post thoughts and impressions and struggles I have had.  But I want to know if you have questions or concerns.  Please comment and let me know. Even if you do not have an account or even read regularly, please leave your thoughts! I want to hear what you are thinking and feeling and wondering while reading the things here.  I pray that I will  be able to bring light and peace into someone’s life, even if is is only my own.